NASA Halts Auction of  Cockroaches

$400,000 Moon Dust and

NASA asked to halt

the auction of moon dust collected during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission which was fed to cockroaches during an experiment. 

The material from the 

experiment includes a 40 milligram of moondust and three cockroach carcass expected to sell for $400,000 at least

A NASA lawyer said 

in a letter to the auctioneer of material that these materials still belongs to the federal government  

In another letter, NASA lawyer

also stated that RR auction should work with the current owner of the material to return it to the federal government 

Apollo mission bought 

about 47lbs of lunar rock to earth, some were fed to creatures like insects, and fish to see if it is harmful or not.

Cockroaches specimen were

with Marion Brooks for study and they were never returned to NASA and later Brooks's daughter sold them in 2010

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