NASA Delays Wet Dress  Megarocket

Rehearsal Of New

NASA Suspended Last Major Test

Of its Space Launch System (SLS) rocket after pressurization issues prevented technicians from safely loading propellants into the rocket.

The Test — Wet Dress Rehearsal

Has been postponed until Monday, April 4th at the earliest, NASA announced in a post on the Artemis I live blog

NASA Explained

“Teams have decided to scrub tanking operations for the wet dress rehearsal due to loss of ability to pressurize the mobile launcher,”

Some Fans On The Mobile Launcher

Were unable to maintain positive pressure, which is crucial in warding off hazardous gases.

As A Result

NASA technicians couldn’t “safely proceed” with the fuel-loading process.

The SLS Is Supposed To Carry

The Orion spacecraft on an uncrewed mission around the Moon as part of the Artemis program, a flight called Artemis I.

China Crashed A  Leaves Behind A Mess

Rocket Into Moon,