NASA Breaks Two Records  With Its Newest Rover

On The Surface Of Mars

NASA Has Announced

That it has broken two records on the surface of Mars with its newest Mars rover called Perseverance.

According To NASA JPL

The Perseverance rover has recently broken two records, the first being the longest drive in a single solar day, and the second being the longest AutoNav drive.

The Space Agency Announced

That Perseverance has broken the previous record of 748 feet set by the Opportunity rover in March 2005.

Perseverance Rover

Now holds the record by recently completing a drive of 803 feet.

NASA Also Announced That

Perseverance has broken its own record for the longest AutoNav drive, which is the rover's self-driving function.

For Context, NASA's Curiosity Rover

Has a maximum travel speed of 65 feet per hour and has no automatic navigation system.

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