NASA Aims to Launch  2 Months

the Sls Rocket in Just

The US space agency

 has spent a long, long time designing, developing, building, and testing the Space Launch System rocket.

When NASA created the

 rocket program in 2010, US legislators said the SLS booster should be ready to launch in 2016.

NASA and its litany of

contractors are very close to declaring the 111-meter tall rocket ready for its debut launch.

On June 20, NASA

 successfully counted the rocket down to T-29 seconds during a pre-launch fueling test.

Although they did not reach

T-9 seconds, as was the original goal, the agency's engineers collected enough data to satisfy the requisite information

During a pair of news

 conferences last week, NASA officials declined to set a launch target for the mission.

In Tuesday interview

Jim Free, said the agency is working toward a launch window of August 23 to September 6.

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