Mysterious Fast Radio  One Is Even Weirder.

Bursts from Space. This

On Thursday, Nasa Announced

The agency is putting a team together to study unidentified aerial phenomena, otherwise known as UFOs.

The Team Will Gather Evidence

And analyze data for unexplained events in the sky from a scientific perspective to determine if they are natural or require other explanation. 

Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Have

Long intrigued astronomers because they don't understand what causes the bright, millisecond-long flashes in space.

Now, Pulsing Burst of Radio Waves

Has been detected in a galaxy about 3 billion light-years away -- and it's even weirder than the others.

The Celestial 

Object constantly released weaker radio waves between the repeating bursts.

There Is Only One Other Fast Radio

Burst known to do this, which has astronomers questioning if there is more than one kind of these unexplained phenomena.

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