Ms. Marvel Trailer  Marvel's Green Lantern

Breakdown: Literally

The Pakistani Super Hero In MCU

The first Ms. Marvel trailer for Marvel's new Disney+ series has arrived, and we took a closer look at how Kamala's powers are being adapted for the screen.

Stripped Of Inhuman Abilities

Kamala Khan's link to being an inhuman seems to be broken by MCU and instead the source of her power has been shifted to cosmic gauntlet bracelet..

Green Lantern in Disguise

Which grants her powers like DCs Green Lantern, creating fist out of cosmic powers, throwing some weird cosmic material and also walk on air (Cosmic Steps)

Not A Shape-Shifter Anymore

Her ability to shape shift in the comics also doesn't seem to appear in the trailer or cannot be anticipated since she's a human and not an inhuman in MCU.

But A Size Shifter For Sure

She could transform her body into a giant one and also as small as Ant-Man, we can see her enlarging her fists to punch the bad guys in the trailer.

Captain Marvel's Apprentice

She takes up the former name of Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, because of her obvious admiration of Captain Marvel, and source of her powers is probably the same.

Basically A Happy Ending Kids Movie

Summing up, she can enlarge or compress her size or fists, shoot some stuff from hands, create steps on air, protection shield, and more to see.

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