Massive Asteroid As Wide  Past Earth 2022

As 8 Football Fields Skims

A Massive Asteroid Passed

By the Earth on Thursday. While it posed no threat, experts say it came close.

The Asteroid, Named 418135

Is estimated to be between 1,150 and 2,560 feet in diameter -- as wide as eight football fields.

At Its Closest Distance

The asteroid came within 2 million miles of Earth, which, according to NASA, is actually a concern.

Any Object That Comes Within

120 million miles of the Earth is considered a “near-Earth object”, or NEO, and any fast-moving object within 4.65 million miles is classified as potentially hazardous.


Asteroid skimmed past Earth at around 23,300 miles per hour.

Asteroid 2008 AG33 Last Flew

By Earth in 2015, and NASA says it does so every seven years or so. Its next appearance is expected May 25, 2029.

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