Mars Meteorite  Of Mars Formation

Challenges The Theory

Chassigny Meteorite fell in

 1815 contains different gases than the current Martian atmosphere indicating it's from Red Planet.

Meteorite New study

upsets theories on the formation of rocky planets(Venus, Earth, and Mars)

Volatile elements like

hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, & noble gases are acquired from the nebula around a young star.

Chondritic meteors impacting

 the young planet then deliver more volatile materials.

Scientists expected that the

 volatile elements should reflect the composition of the solar nebula or a mixture of solar and meteorite origins.

The volatiles in

the atmosphere, would primarily come from meteorites.

Noble gases sample ratio

 can differentiate between the Solar Nebula and Meteorites

Bizarre Spiral Object  Milky Way's Center

Found Swirling Around