Mars Helicopter Ingenuity  Flight

Take a Record-Breaking

NASA has just unveiled

 incredible new footage of its helicopter Ingenuity on a record-breaking flight on the Red Planet last month.

Video shows the tiny

 Red Planet chopper as it flew across a distance of 2,310 feet at a speed of 12 mph, with a view of Red Planet sands whirring by below.

It flew faster and further

 than ever before with a maximum altitude of 33 feet, roughly the equivalent height of a three-story house.

Ingenuity sends its data

 to the Perseverance rover, which hands off the information to a passing Mars orbiter. Data is then transmitted from Mars to NASA

Since videos are

 larger than images, it takes a while to send stuff via interplanetary networks

Helicopter has increased

 its initial five-flight manifest by almost sixfold and is well into an extended mission as it accompanies the Perseverance life-seeking rover.

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