Mars and Jupiter Shine   Sky

Super-Close in the Predawn

You can watch Mars and Jupiter

 appear to practically high-five each other in the early-morning sky this weekend with the bright planets reaching their closest on Monday

Mars and Jupiter will 

appear only 0.6 degrees apart in the eastern-southeastern sky, in the constellation Pisces, about 45 minutes before dawn local time

They will get

 at their closest at 4:57 a.m. EDT (0857 GMT) on Monday

You can also see them 

relatively close on Tuesday (May 30). Venus and Saturn will also be visible near the super-close planets.

Jupiter will be the 

brighter of the pair, shining at magnitude -2.2, while Mars will be at a still respectable 0.7.

The two planets are appearing

 so close because they travel on the plane of the solar system, also known as the ecliptic

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