Lyrid Meteor Shower  Week

Will Starts Next

The Annual Lyrid Meteor Shower

Is getting underway. It breaks the meteor shower that happens from January through mid-April.

The discovery of this star which has been nicknamed 'Earendel' sets a new benchmark for NASA as the star was formed in the first billion years after the Universe was formed.

In 2021

The Lyrids look to peak in the predawn hours of Friday, April 22.

The Lyrids Typically

produce only 10 to 15 meteors per hour at their peak.

That Is Not

A lot, but they often have a nice tail streak to them.

Early Morning Is The Best Time To

Watch, but you might be able to catch some before bed. Clouds, may inhibit the view as might too much moonlight.

You’ll Want To Get Away From

As many lights as possible. When you’re outside, lie flat on your back and look up. Give yourself time for your eyes to adjust.

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