Little Satellites Could Bring  Storm Forecasts

Big Advances to Tropical

NASA is gearing up to launch

tiny satellites into space that will help keep a closer eye on tropical storms as they develop in a mission called TROPICS

Crucially, if the launches

 are successful, the satellites will mark a big advancement in our ability to watch rapidly intensifying storms.

NASA’s weather satellites

can only check in on a storm every four to six hours, missing a lot of what’s happening in the storm

 The new set of six

satellites NASA plans to launch should shrink that timeframe significantly, giving researchers updates about every hour.

The agency expects to

 launch the first two satellites as early as June 12th, with two more launches scheduled for later in the year.

Each satellite is just under

a foot long and equipped with a powerful instrument, a mini microwave radiometer that’s about as big as a cup of coffee.

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