Lightning Strikes NASA's  Megarocket During Test

Artemis 1 Moon

An Issue With Pressurizing

The mobile launcher has forced NASA to scrub its wet dress rehearsal of the Artemis I mega moon rocket on Sunday

The Wet Dress Rehearsal

Is necessary for NASA to test out basically every system leading up to launch of its mega moon rocket

Lightning Strikes

The wet dress rehearsal has also had to contend with some nasty Florida weather.

SLS rocket and Orion Capsule

Are both currently stationed at Launch Complex 39B in Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral.

Severe Weather Rolled By

Resulted in lightning strikes around the pad. "It turned out we had not one, but we had four, lightning strikes inside the pad perimeter," 

The Fourth Was The Strongest

Lightning strike and though it did no damage, with the SLS rocket and the Orion capsule both not powered.

A Meteor Really Hit  Left Citizens In Pain

Earth on March 30,