Leaked! Google Pixel  A 5.8-inch Outer Screen

Foldable Display To Have

Google Is Rumored

To be releasing the Pixel Notepad foldable smartphone in 2022, after postponing the first Pixel foldable handset last year

The Device Will

Have the same design as the majority of foldable phones

We're Anticipating

A phone with two screens, one of which folds inwards when the phone is closed.

Reportedly, The Pixel

Notepad will resemble any Galaxy Z Fold model announced by Samsung so far.

A New Leak From A Reliable Industry

Insider claims that the Pixel foldable will have a different design than the Galaxy Z Fold 4 that will be released.

The Information Comes From A

Display expert who has predicted the debut of several undisclosed mobile products, including Samsung foldable, Apple iPhones, and Google Pixel handsets.

Google Pixel Watch Battery Than 40mm

Might Come With Large