James Webb Telescope  Space

To Face Final Test In

The James Webb Telescope

Will see the birth of our origins as it tries to answer the questions about how our universe came to being

Before It Peers At The Edge

Of the universe, it will have to go through one final test after which the scientific operations will commence nearly 15,00,000 kilometers from Earth.

The World's Most Powerful Telescope

Recently completed the alignment process, stretching its mirrors into place and observing stars and galaxies to focus the lenses.

While The Mirrors Cool Down

To their final operating temperatures, Nasa has said that the Webb team is preparing for the thermal stability test.

The Webb Team Will Conduct

The thermal stability test on the telescope, during which scientists will measure the variations in heat by moving between the extremes of Webb’s field of view,

Erin Smith, The Webb Deputy

Observatory project scientist, said that as Webb points to different targets around the sky, the angle of the Sun on the sunshade changes, which changes the thermal profile of the observatory.

NASA Researchers  Lunar Samples

Examine 50-Year-Old