Is Moon Knight Really That Awesome? What Are His Superpowers?

A  Disney+ miniseries written by Jeremy Slater and starring Isaac and Ethan Hawke, is set to premiere in 2022.

True name is Marc Spector, and he is an American son of a rabbi who escaped Nazi rule

After a fight with Perlman, Marc developed dissociative identity disorder, separating his personality into three parts

Marc served three years in the Marines before being killed in an archaeological raid in Egypt. Khonshu reappeared and offered to spare his life in return for vigilantism.

Marc took up the role of Moon Knight upon his return from the Marine Corps.

Marc Spector has a wide range of skills honed throughout his time as a Marine and boxer. He can also glide through the air with his Glider Cloak thanks to Moon Knight's Suit

His multiple personalities are also known to act as a shield against telepathy, Marc is also an adept in Interrogation and a skilled marksman with a high pain tolerance.

Marc's greatest weakness is his mental disorder, which, oddly, also helps his talents.

During Avengers 2012, Robert Downey Jr. Wanted To ‘Break’ Chris Hemsworth’s Knee.