Is Marvel Phase 4  into Reed Richards?

Turning Doctor Strange

Like the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards before him, Stephen will have to grapple with the downside of controlling the future in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Like Reed Like Strange

It’s commonly accepted that the greatest villain in Fantastic Four is Doctor Doom, but what’s typically less understood is that the second greatest villain in the F4 is Reed Richards himself. Or at least parallel versions of him.

Reed Richards Himself A Villain?

And what’s absolutely fascinating about the world we live in now is that Marvel seems to be doing their damnedest to turn the movie version of Doctor Strange into the comics version of Reed Richards. 

Strange Playing Reed's Storyline

The Stephen of MCU is similar to the Reed Richards in terms of being consumed by his work and the arrogance of being the best, refusing to understand the limits of their power and corrupting ultimately everything (The Multiverse).

Team Arrogant Over Excellence

Reed Richards is the one to explore multiverse in the comics and meet "The Council Of Reeds" that solved everything, managed to save EVERYONE, do everything our Reed wants to, but at what cost? They all have lost their humanity.

The First Explorer of Multiverse

Reed withdraws from this council as he sees what he have to sacrifice to solve everything and instead chooses his family, which ultimately helps him to rescue the multiverse in 'Secret Wars'. But hmmm, a know-it-all superhero who refuses to accept failure…who does that sound like?

Reed Rejects "The Reed Council"

MCU is using Reed Richards story for Doctor Strange by making him become the Multiverse Threat - Using Zombies, releasing the Great Old Ones, and their legion the be-tentacled Shuma-Gorath on the multiverse. He’s so bad that it looks like Baron Mordo is on the Illuminati. 

Strange Following Footsteps

All this havoc should have been actually done by Reed Richards (The Multiverse Variant) but since Disney did not have the rights to Fantastic Four earlier they had to shift the blame on Doctor Strange, that's why we hear "Your Mistakes Will Not Go Unpunished" pointing Stephen's Siin.

Dr. Strange Took The Blame

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