Ios 16 Will Let You Skip  Websites

Captchas on Some

iOS 16 might just

 help you avoid the CAPTCHA anti-bot systems that stand between you and some web sign-ins.

Apple used WWDC 2022 to

 detail a PAT system in iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura that skips CAPTCHAs altogether for some apps & websites.

Automatic Verification feature

 and supporting sites will use iCloud to verify both your Apple ID & device, presenting a token that proves you're trustworthy.

Apple noted that devices

 won't share sensitive data linked to your account (such as the email address or phone number).

The company also

 won't know who's making the verification request, so it can't tie these checks to specific providers.

Importantly, the technology

 could easily see widespread adoption that might extend beyond Apple hardware.

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