International Space Station & Same Image

Boeing Starliner Captured in

A photographer on the ground

 spotted a spacecraft 250 miles overhead, just about to meet up with the International Space Station (ISS).

Szabolcs Nagy, a space

 station tracker, and photographer in London, captured Boeing's Starliner just 650 feet  from the orbiting complex

Orbital Flight Test 2 (OFT-2)

 successfully met all major objectives as Starliner is seeking to ship astronauts to the space station on future flights.

Spacecraft's mission results

 are still being judged by NASA officials, indications so far point to a crew going aboard Starliner later in the year.

Nagy told it as a 

totally surreal experience, really. At the moment, he wasn't sure if the two vehicles could fit in a single field of view

But everything was

 bright enough and close enough to capture a few thousand frames of the encounter, he said. 

Nasa's Artemis 1 Moon  Pad for Crucial Tests

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