Huge Explosion On Sun   On Easter

Unleashes Major Solar Flare

The sun unleashed

a major solar flare over the Easter holiday weekend, sparking radio blackouts and setting the stage for more solar storms to come. 

Flare originated from

Regions 2994 and 2993, a cluster of active sunspots that has seen "significant flaring" since it appeared on the eastern limb of the sun

The Agency Wrote in an update

"Solar activity is expected to be active over the next week as these sunspots migrate across the visible disk,"

According to the SWPC

the Easter solar flare spawned a brief radio blackout and was classified as a Type II solar radio burst.

Because the Eruption

occurred at the very eastern limb of the sun, the coronal mass ejection it spawned is likely not directed at Earth

X-class solar flares

are the strongest types of storms on the sun. The weakest sun flares are A-class; B- and C-class storms are also relatively moderate.

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