How White Dwarf Seen to   Explosion

Survive Its Own Supernova

White dwarf that miraculously

 survived its own thermonuclear detonation, raising questions over how and why these stars create supernovas.

As such, they are 

dense objects with gravity strong enough to pull material from any close orbiting companion stars.

White dwarfs are

 only about the size of Earth, but they contain a mass equivalent to that of a star.

This material flows onto

the white dwarf, and once enough material has built up, it explodes in a thermonuclear detonation that usually destroys the star

 Astronomers have identified

 what they suspect are failed Type Ia supernovas that leave behind remnant 'zombie' stars 

Usually, the light of

a Type Ia supernova is powered by the radioactive decay of cobalt-56 and -57 isotopes in the material blown out into space

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