How Daredevil Will  Villains And Soft Reboot

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Daredevil Not On Netflix

Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and The Daredevil, all these shows were cancelled in a single night on Netflix and left us heartbroken.

Daredevil Doorway To MCU

But Netflix Daredevil, Matt Murdock made a cameo in Spider-Man No Way Home, we just had an idea how awesome MCU Daredevil gonna be.

Cancelled On Netflix Because....

Simply because Disney wanted the characters to appear on their own platform Disney+ and also integrate them to MCU.

New Villains Introduced!

The Owl: A weak rival to Kingpin who injects himself with serums to become an equal, and gains the ability to glide in air.

He Literally Becomes An Owl

His body gradually transforms into an actual owl with hollow bones, decreased weight, enhanced senses, night vision eyes.

Villain Number 2

Gladiator: The character who builds suits for Kingpin and Daredevil actually loathes them and create a suit of his own to beat them up.

Daredevil Won't Be The Same

Daredevil is R rated show and Disney never creates R-rated show. So, Daredevil will have a soft reboot before it actually launches to Disney+

Thanos Is The Greatest  The Truth

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