Heaven On Earth: Three  See Meteor Showers

Rare Opportunities To

During The Month Of April

The sky will be set alight with three meteor showers in the southern hemisphere, according to capetownetc.

So Grab Your Diary

Pen in the dates and set your alarm. You might even want to make sure your phone or camera is fully charged.

The South African

Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) delivered the news and identified the following showers to watch:

– April Lyrids;

– pi Puppids;

– eta Aquariids.

From 16 To 25 April

The April Lyrids meteor shower will be visible in the southern hemisphere.

The Best Time To View

Them will be from 02:00 to 05:00 on 22 April. For the best view look toward the Lyra constellation. The April Lyrids shower is expected to have a maximum hourly rate of 15 hours.

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