Google Pixel Watch Leaks  Is Imminent

Suggest An Announcement

We’ve Been Waiting For Google

To unveil the Pixel Watch smartwatch for over a year at this point, as the first leaks date back to April 2021.

Google Wasn’t Ready To Start

Selling its first wearable last year, but reports said a few months ago that a launch might be approaching.

Since Then, We’ve Seen

More rumors claiming that Google might tease the Pixel Watch at the I/O 2022 developer conference next month.

But A Commercial Launch Might

Still be several months away. The company might want to release the Pixel Watch alongside the Pixel 7 series this fall.

That Said, There’s Been

An uptick in Pixel Watch leaks recently that suggest some sort of official announcement is imminent.

Not Only That

But Google has also redesigned its store to give “Watches” prime placement.

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