Ghost-Like Mysterious  Berkeley Researchers

Black Hole Discovered by

A UC Berkeley Research Team

May have discovered the first “free-floating” black hole, Science Daily reported. 

They Estimate That This Invisible

Object, OB110462, is between 1.6 and 4.4 times the mass of the sun and 2,280 to 6,260 light years away. 

Researchers Say That

It could also be a neutron star, a "city-size" star which is born when massive, stars collapse and die.

Science Daily Reports That The

Mysterious object is the first “stellar ‘ghost’” discovered floating through space without an accompanying star.

Research Team Leader Jessica Lu

"This is the first free-floating black hole or neutron star discovered with gravitational microlensing," 

Though Black Holes Are Invisible

Researchers can use gravitational microlensing to see how they warp and distort light from distant stars with their powerful gravitational field. 

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