Gamma-Ray Bursts Might  Thought

Be Much Rarer Than We

The first-ever 3D 

simulation of the formation of a black hole jet reveals why mysterious gamma-ray bursts appear to blink.

Gamma-ray bursts

 are the brightest and most powerful flashes of light known to exist in the universe.

First detected in 1967, 

these blinding light explosions are generated when massive stars collapse into black holes, launching jets of material

Satellites spot one gamma-ray

burst in the universe every day. Astronomers think that up to 500 per day may flash through the universe without us knowing

Team of astronomers 

simulated for the first time in detailed 3D the birth of black hole jets powered by collapsing stars.

The simulation showed

that as a massive star collapses, a black hole starts to form at its heart surrounded by a disk of infalling material

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