Fuel Leak Thwarts NASA's   Moon Rocket

Dress Rehearsal For

NASA’s Latest Attempt To

fuel its huge moon rocket for a countdown test was thwarted Thursday by a hazardous hydrogen leak

The Launch Team Had

just begun loading fuel into the core stage of the rocket when the leak cropped up.

This Was NASA’s Third Shot

At a dress rehearsal for the Artemis 1 mission, a required step ahead of the uncrewed test flight to the moon.

This Time, The Launch Team

To load some super-cold liquid hydrogen and oxygen into the core stage of the 30-story Space Launch System rocket, but fell far short of a full load.

Liquid Hydrogen Is

 extremely hazardous, with officials noting that the systems had been checked for leaks prior to the test.

Technicians Deliberately Left

The smaller upper stage empty after discovering a bad valve last week.

Google Pixel Watch To 

Launch With Pixel 6a