Doctor Strange 2 New  Secrets Hardly Noticed

Trailer Breakdown: 8

Villain Revealed In The First 10 Seconds

"Every Night I Dream The Same Dream..& Then... The Nightmare Begins" This dialogue from Strange has hinted at the appearance of "The Nightmare" from the Nightmare/Dream Dimension, who feeds on your fear while you sleep and shows you your biggest nightmares come true. Seems Quite Connecting to the first 10 seconds.

Kamar-Taj Follows Asguard's Fate

The magical realm of Kamar-Taj seems under attack from a dark force in the trailer. A black cloud seems to be ripping the Temple-Home of Strange and sadly the battle doesn't go in favor of the sorcerers as explosions rip through the scenes. Another magical realm follows the fate of Asguard's Destruction.

The Kid With The Star Portals

The first look of Marvel's America Chavez reveal her multiversal powers in the form of the star-shaped portal torn in the fabric of the universe behind her as she is bound by a mysterious multiversal demon. She clearly already has her own powers and seems to already be traversing the multiverse alone.

The Pony Tail Sorcerer aka The Defender

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, new multiverse variant Defender Strange appears to be sucked through one of America Chavez's portals. Sporting a new costume and distinctive white strips in his hair. The gash on his forehead suggests he too ends up battling the monster that captures Chavez. 

Ultron Bots Hints At Superior Iron-Man

The sorcerer is clapped in high-tech shackles, suggesting that there is another police force looking after the sanctity of the timelines, seemingly with even greater power than the TVA from 'Loki'. Meanwhile we see Ultron like bots escorting Dr. Strange, this hints the return of Iron-Man or the Superior Iron-Man, which Tom Cruise is meant to play.

Illuminati & The Professor's X-Men Force

The Illuminati is the one holding trial, a group of the most powerful or insightful, the members are hidden but Mordo is one of them surely and we also hear Charles Xavier aka Professor X voice "We should tell him the truth" hinting at mutants arrival to MCU and more importantly just... what.. is that truth..?

Time Travelling Aint' Going Anywhere

Dr. Strange and America Chavez are also shown floating through a plane of reality filled with dinosaurs, suggesting the heroes will travel through time. And instantly after that we see Strange & Chavez splitting into blocks, the block head effect is a teaser of how full of insane graphics the sequel is going to be.

Ha!...Gotcha Tom Cruise

A glowing human figure flies through a kaleidoscopic plane of reality. Some might suspect that this figure is Captain Marvel or its variant but on a closer look the suit resembles to that of Tom Cruise's Superior Iron Man, if its tru than this is going to be the biggest most badass Money Shot Cameo ever in any MCU movie.

From Deadpool To Professor X: Most Likely Cameos In 

Doctor Strange 2