From Ultron Bots To  Iron Man In Doctor Strange 2

Tom Cruise Superior

Tom Cruise, Ultron & The Illuminati

The Multiverse Of Madness is just how it's name suggests, the new super bowl trailer for Doctor Strange 2 is absolutely nuts with so many new characters, both villain and heroes introduced plus a lot of Easter eggs and hints to Tom Cruise Iron Man (Superior).

Most Powerful Or Insightful Illuminati

What Is Illuminati? - The Marvel's own Illuminati is similar to the our world Illuminati, a force of the most powerful or the most insightful beings from across dimensions to help eradicate any multiverse threats from any dimension, just like the one our Dr. Strange unknowingly created.

Tom Crusie Cameo Rumor Is True?

According to the comics, Iron-Man created the Illuminati for the sole purpose of protecting all dimensions, and Black Panther, The Bolt (leader of Inhumans), Professor X, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange are its members. This is the reason fans are so hell bent on the rumor of Tom Cruise Iron Man Cameo.

Hints From The Trailer Itself

You can see clearly the Ultron bots shackling Dr. Strange and putting him in trial room before the Illuminati and we hear the voice of Charles Xavier "We Should Tell Him The Truth". Ultron were created by Tony and indeed there is another dimension where Ultron never went corrupt and instead served Tony of that world like he wanted.

The Deadpool Confirms It Too

The Deadpool created Rob Liefeld also disclosed that these leaks are actually a lot true and not just rumors because the Marvel Studios is doing a lot of private screen testing to see what works and what not, this is what's causing 'The Leaks"

You Can Literally See The Superior

Forget all the rumors and hints you can literally see the Superior Iron Man Suit glowing up in the new trailer. Not only that, if you zoom in you can see a tony stark beard. A genius Tony Stark is a must have if you're having trouble with inter dimensional problems and that's a fact.

Marvel's Money Shots Are Priceless

Now it's hard to believe that Tom Cruise, the big star himself agreed for a short cameo but who wouldn't want to be a part of ever growing MCU universe and in fact Marvel is best known for its Money Shot Cameos to make fans go crazy like it did with Avengers: Endgame when Cap lifted Thor's Hammer and even Thor went Crazy.

The Big Doctor Strange 2 In Plain Sight

Villain May Be Hiding