From Selling Pens To  Heard: Johnny Depp's Life

Being Punched By Amber

Versatile Actor Has Versatile Looks

Johnny Depp has been known to be one of the most verstaile actor, apart from his acting his looks from every new film are always in hype.

Early Marriage And "The Kidz"

He had been a guitarist in his own music band "The Kidz", his mother gifted him a guitar, which he learned to play on his own. Later he married one of his band members' sister at age 20.

Sold Pens-Pencils To Survive

He divorced at age 22 realizing he was unhappy with his marriage and his job, as the band was shut down and he had to work as a telemarketer selling Pen and Stationary.

Didn't Like Leonardo Very Much

During the shoot of Gilbert Grape Johnny met Leo for the first time and admitted that he was always rude to Leonardo DiCaprio, reason being Leo was a fan and always asked irritating questions to his idol.

Liked Nicolas Cage Very Much

When Nicolas Cage himself used to play side roles in movies, he suggested Johnny Depp who was in need of a job to start acting for movies. Johnny was instantly cast after his first audition for A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Secured Heath Ledger's Daughters Future

Heath Ledger passed away during the shoot for his last film with Johnny Depp, after which Johnny Depp rejected to accept the acting fees and requested director to add his fee to Heath's daughter's funds to secure her future.

It Isn't What It Looks Like

Now, In a feud with his ex-wife Amber Heard, recordings from 2015 were circulating on Internet, exposing who actually threatened whom, check the next story for that.

Amber Heard Punched Johnny  Confirm $50M Lawsuit

Depp Leaked Recordings