From Moon Knight's Nanotech Suit To The Death Of

Midnight Explained

The first trailer already cleared that Moon Knight is going to be darker than usual MCU shows, some fans and critics are also calling it a copy of DC's Batman due it's costume and a Moon Boomerang as revealed in the Super Bowl Trailer.

Moon Knight Is Batman In Disguise

It starts with mild-mannered Steven Grant, a gift shop employee living in London who is haunted by blackouts and memories he can't make sense of. What Steven doesn't yet know (but comics fans do) is that he is one of the identities living inside Marc Spector

Little Did Steven Knew

Marc Spectator: A mercenary with dissociative identity disorder who becomes the eponymous Moon Knight when blessed by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, who gives Marc special powers. Arguably Moon Knight is a God or an Incarnation of The God, since he actually dies only to be saved by Khonsu.

The Dead Man Is An Avatar

The Super Bowl trailer shows glimpse of the God himself, the godly power of the main antagonist: Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow. But, mostly the trailer keeps up the mysteriousness of Steven's situation, showing him plagued with confusing visions, which is what makes it more suspense fully thrilling.

Steven Can't Figure Out A Damn Thing

Marvel boss Kevin Feige described Moon Knight As Being Quite Brutal, Hence why it has been rated TV-14, but it still involves dark violence and gore scenes, you don't get that in TV-14 (For Above 14 Years Old). TV-MA (Mature Audience) would suit it best but also limit to Mature Audience.

Not The Kind Of Ratings You Expected

Marc serves as a mercenary, a hitman for hire, in stark contrast to the DC hero. Only the suit & the boomerang matches rest, well, Moon Knight is known a Anti-Hero for a reason, plus have you seen how he turns in to Moon Knight it's even better than Iron-Man's Nanotech Suit-On.

Beats Nanotech Transformation

Moon Knight is actually an Immortal avatar of Khonshu (who's sharing the body with already 3 different personalities by the way), his powers are heightened during full moon, like a werewolf and has visions of the future.

Personalities Living Rent Free

Moon Knight kills, also seems to be bulletproof. He fights not for the humans but on behalf of Khonsu to defeat the enemies that are a threat to Khonsu or Egypt, as it seems from the trailer. Since, the antagonist have powers no less than a god.

Moon Knight Doesn't Fight For Humanity

Gaspard Ulliel who plays Midnight Man in the upcoming Moon Knight series was tragically died in a skiing accident in the French Alps. After colliding with another skier on January 18th, suffering serious brain trauma. He died on January 19th.

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