Gorr The God Butcher Makes   Love & Thunder

Thor Unworthy Again In Thor

Introducing Gorr The God Butcher

MCUs most brutal foe and a important one for Thor, in Thor: Love and Thunder who kills over a thousand gods alone

Gorr Is From An Alien Species

That pray to god for saving them from extinction but get no help and finally when Gorr believes that God doesn't exist at all.

A God Collapses In Front Of Gorr

With a black sword in his body, and Gorr realizes the ugly truth, that Gods do exist and still didn't answer any prayers.

The God Asked For Help

But angry Gorr kills him with the same black sword, believing they aren't worth the power or prayers. 

That Weopan Was A Necrosword

One of the most powerful weapon created by Knull: The gods of Symbiote, same Knull who created Venom Symbiote.

Gorr Kills A Thousand Gods

And becomes so powerful that he brutally harassed Thor, both physically and mentally when faced him.

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