From Deadpool To Professor X: Most Likely Cameos In 

Doctor Strange 2

Iron-Man's Legacy In Risk

Tom Cruise is rumored to play Iron-Man variant from alternate universe, he was also the first choice for playing Iron-Man in 2008 movie, but Marvel won't ruin Iron Man's Legacy simply because of an almost 15-year-old casting rumor. it'd also be wasted potential, as Cruise is one of the most famous actors on the planet.

But There's A Hope

Though it would be exciting to catch a glimpse of Cruise in the Iron Man suit and he is also known for some of the funniest cameos like Austin Powers in Goldmember, and he played a fat, balding, aggressive studio executive in Tropic Thunder too, so there is a possibility.

What About The Pyro-Head

As Multiverse Of Madness is going to be the weirdest MCU movie yet, It'd be the perfect way to introduce Ghost Rider. The Leak Says: Ghost Rider will be freed from a kind of “spiritual prison” in Dr. Strange 2, according to Atlanta Filming on Twitter, which reportedly overheard this development mid-production.

Professor X Cameo May Ruin X-Men

It doesn't seem likely that Professor X would appear in Multiverse of Madness, as there are so many other characters waiting to be introduced into the universe. And there are already tons of looming storylines, so bringing in a character that's part of a whole other universe is biting off way more than the film could possibly chew.

Long Wait For The Mutants

The fact that in 2019, Feige explained that he had a five-year plan in place before the X-Men would enter the MCU, and it genuinely isn't like Feige to lie or mislead audiences. But James McAvoy, has recently been sporting his bald Professor X look, but that could just as easily be for another role.

The Creator Wants A Deadpool Cameo

Deadppol 3 is confirmed and audience have shown huge love to cartoonish undying character, and Deadpool's creator, Rob Liefeld, recently hinted that a cameo in Dr. Strange 2 would be the perfect time to introduce Fox's X-Men to the MCU in a proper way.

Denying Is Delusion

Shang-Chi crossover has already happened as we see Wong appears in the post credit of Shang-Chi. The rumors have gone so far that Simu Liu, who plays Shang-Chi, has had to ask fans to stop asking him if he'll be in Dr. strange 2. But we also remember how Andrew Garfield denied his cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home but there he was.

Ten Rings Aren't Just Combat Gadgets

Shang-Chi rings could be more than just a combat gadget and MCU may make them more powerful than even the Infinity Stones as they already are in the comics. The post credit scene confirms that the ten rings are way more powerful as we see the concerned face of Wong when the rings are activated.

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