Perseverance Rover Scouts   Launch from Mars

Spot for 1st Mission That Will

The robotic explorer has

 been scouting out flat areas around Jezero Crater that could serve as a landing site for the Mars Sample Return Campaign

A joint venture

between NASA and the European Space Agency, will fetch samples collected by Perseverance and return them to Earth

 In order to land on and

launch from Mars, the sample return mission needs a flat surface with a 200-foot radius without sand dunes and angled terrain

 As Perseverance investigates

 the site of an ancient lake that existed billions of years ago, it's collecting rocks and soil.

This material is of interest

because it could contain evidence of past microscopic organisms that would reveal whether life ever existed on Mars

Rover's cameras were used

to survey a flat area they call the "landing strip." The area, long and flat like a runway at an airport

Comet K2's Solar Tour is