Firefighters Struggle as  Flames Weeks After Crash

Junkyard Tesla Bursts into

Putting out a Tesla fire once is

 one thing. Putting out a Tesla fire that kept reigniting three weeks after it was taken to the junkyard is another entirely.

Tesla blaze was a first for the

 city's firefighting department, and a confusing first at that — both because water alone wouldn't put out the battery fire

Tesla was sitting in a junkyard when

 they were called to the scene, and although the department's crews "knocked the fire down," it kept on reigniting.

It took the firefighters

 "a significant amount of time, water, and thinking outside the box to extinguish

They were finally able to fully

extinguish the fire after the firefighters and junkyard workers "created a small pit, placed the car inside it, and filled the pit with water

Though this is a particularly

 egregious example, electric vehicle battery fires are far from a new phenomenon.

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