Evil Scarlet Witch & X-Men Confirmed By  Trailer

New Doctor Strange 2

The "LEAKS" Were All True

The new Super Bowl Doctor Strange 2 trailer is absolutely nuts, introducing so many realities, 3 different versions of Doctor Strange, exploring Wanda's Evil Side as she is destined to become by Darkhold Book Of The Dammed.

The Nightmare's Appearance Hinted

In the first 10 seconds, we see Dr. Strange hinting at the appearance of "The Nightmare" by saying "Every Night I Dream The Same Dream & Then The Nightmare Begins" one of the greatest villains of Dr. Strange in comic books.

Professor X Cameo Confirmed

The trailer teases Cameo of Charles Xavier from X-Men when we hear a voice "we should tell him the truth" and Strange looks up with a shocked face while in Hand-Cuffs. Now this Charles is definitely a Mutant but not sure if it's from the same universe we are familiar with.

Overwhelming Scarlet Witch Details

First see hints a fight with Dr. Strange when see questions Strange "You break the rules, you become a hero, I do it, I become the enemy." And we also see two versions of Wanda one in the Scarlet Witch suit and one with blood on the face.

Why Does She Go Wild

WandaVision post credit scene show us Wanda hearing her sons Billy and Tommy, so the fan theory was quite right that she turns evil to get her life back this time for real with vision and her two sons, but strange couldn't let this happend probably because it will ruin the multiverse further

Not Just One But Two Wanda

To back the previous theory - Blood faced Wanda visits another Wanda sitting in despair wearing Scarlet witch costume in the Westview house from WandaVision Show. It directly connects the fact that Wanda does turn evil for her getting her old life back with her son and husband.

The Zombie & The Defender Strange

We see a Zombie Strange doing the same magic as our Dr. Strange did in Avengers Infinity Wars, we also saw an Evil Strange in the first trailer and now another Dr. Strange with a pony tail known as The Defender Strange.

"What If...?" Is More Real Than Thought

These all Doctors are from the animated 'What If..?' series which I took lightly and didn't watch since it is animated but now it connects heavily to the Dr. Strange 2 movie, hinting another fifth strange known as Strange Supreme who causes the most chaos and the black goo.

The Two Strange Are Actually One

The Black Goo we see gulping the universe, and the Strange Supreme is actually an alternate half of our Dr. Strange which was split in two possibilities by the ancient one to make the good one defeat the bad one to save the universe.

I Know This Is Bizarre

This Bizarre is nothing compared what's actually coming, Dr. Strange is not much of a fan favorite character unlike Iron Man and Neighborhood Spider-Man but this sequel will blow up the whole MCU universe and boggle every fans mind.

From Nightmare To Zombie Strange: All Villains 

In Doctor Strange 2