Europe to Launch a 'Lurking'  Interstellar Comet

Probe to Watch for an

The European 

Space Agency (ESA) plans to launch a unique comet-chasing mission in 2029. 

The mission, called

 Comet Interceptor, was approved on Wednesday (June 8) at ESA's Science Programme Committee meeting. 

The mission will consist of

 three probes that will launch to space together with the European exoplanet hunter 

The unusual thing

 about Comet Interceptor is that it won't know its target prior to launch. 

The probe will travel to

the Lagrange Point 2, a gravitationally stable point 930,000 miles from Earth in the direction away from the sun. 

L2 will be just a 

temporary destination. The spacecraft will wait there for a unique target to arrive in the inner solar system

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