Eta Aquariids Peak Over USA: 

Eclipse Coming Mid-May

The Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower

Produces many more shooting stars than fireballs, and residents can catch the celestial show at its peak early Friday morning before dawn. 

Coming Later This Month

Are a total lunar eclipse, and, possibly, the very brief but also intense Tau Herculids meteor shower.

The Eta Aquariids, Which The American

Meteor Society calls "swift meteors that produce a high percentage of persistent trains, but few fireballs," have a broad peak that ends Friday morning.

Under Clear Skies

Patient meteor watchers can reliably see between 10 and 30 meteors an hour.

The National Weather Service

Forecast calls for mostly cloudy skies overnight in the Atlanta region.

Although The Eta Aquariids Are

Typically the last sky shooting star show until summer, 2022 could see a bonus meteor shower — the Tau Herculids, which will peak overnight May 30-31.

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