Elon Musk Says Tesla  Semi Coming Next Year

Cybertruck, Roadster And

Tesla Inc. Will Start

Production next year of three products that have fallen well behind Elon Musk’s original schedule, the chief executive officer said at the opening of the carmaker’s newest factory.

The Billionaire Said On Stage

“We’ll be in production with Cybertruck next year, we’ll be in production with the Roadster, and with Semi,” at the company’s “Cyber Rodeo” late Thursday in Austin, Texas.

He Further Added

“This year is all about scaling up, and then next year, there’s gonna be a massive wave of new products.”

Tesla Announced In January

It was delaying introductions of new models to next year, citing challenges scaling up existing products in the midst of supply-chain issues.

Musk Delivered His Usual

Series of superlatives, calling the Austin facility “the most advanced car factory that Earth has ever seen.

Tesla shared Footage Of...

Larger 4680 battery cells the CEO said were being manufactured on site.

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