Earth Tells Us To 'GO' In   From Space

Weird Cloud Message Seen

A surprising new photo from

 the GOES East satellite has revealed what appears to be the word "Go" written in the clouds as seen from space.

 The Earth view was

 spotted on Friday by GOES East, which is operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

NOAA satellites never rest

keeping a constant and vigilant watch over Earth's weather

NOAA were surprised to see

 this interesting pattering in the marine stratocumulus clouds off the coast of Chile today, that appears to form the letter 'G'

Because it was Friday,

 NOAA superimposed the letters "T," "I" and "F" on the image so it read "TGIF" (short for "Thank God It's Friday).

Seeing recognizable shapes in 

clouds or other unrelated objects is known as pareidolia, where the human brain sees familiar patterns in random shapes.

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