Dr. Strange New Trailer Confirms Tom Cruise  Cameo

Superior Iron-Man

Eagle-Eyed MCU Fans

Tom Cruise Iron Man Variant known as Superior Iron Man with a silver suit armor has been spotted in the new trailer for less than a second, however few glimpses from the trailer & hints from the Marvel's creators has confirmed this leak's true.

The Mysterious Glowing Man

This rumor seems rather true as we can literally see an armored man charging on Wanda, and Wanda will surely turn into Evil Scarlet Witch as hinted by her twisted question to Dr. Strange: "You break the rules you become the hero, I do it I become the enemy, That doesn't seem fair" So It makes sense for Superior Iron Man to fight her and stop her.

Less Reasons For It To Be A Rumor

In the beginning, this rumor was not holding that much of a weight since Tom Cruise is a big name himself and getting him for just a short cameo won't be an easy task, it would be a waste of his talents, but who wouldn't want to be a part of ever growing MCU.

More Reason For It To Be Real

Moreover, Tom Cruise has been known for making funny short cameos in the past AND Marvel Studios is known for its unpredictable mind-blowing Money Shot Cameos and moments like The Captain America Lifting Thor's Hammer in the Avengers: Endgame 

Ultron & Illuminati Are More Reasons

The appearance of Ultron bots capturing and escorting handcuffed Dr. Strange to a trial held by a, what seems like the secret society of MCU, "The Illuminati" also hints to this rumor, since tony stark made Ultron but destroyed Ultron as it went corrupt, but may be a Tony from another universe created them too but didn't let them go corrupt and never actually destroyed them.

Deadpool Creator Confirmed It Further

The Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld also hinted at Tom Cruise appearance by saying, the leaks are maybe true because MCU is doing a lot of testing and the leaks are a result of those private screen testing to see what works best and what not.

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