Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer’s Best 

Surprises Might’ve Leaked

Disney uses the Super Bowl to tease various Marvel attractions every year. Therefore, we might see several trailers for upcoming MCU content during the big game. Marvel tries to mislead viewers to prevent spoilers but we've some confirmed leaks.

Beware of Disney's Misleading Spoilers

This brings us to the newest Doctor Strange 2 trailer leak, which concerns the clip that Disney might air during Super Bowl LVI. An MCU leaker claims to have details about Marvel’s plans for the trailer.

Gotcha Disney+

Wanda May Turn Antagonist

If this trailer information is accurate, we’ll see Wanda crying in the middle of a field with bloodstains on her shirt. Previous Doctor Strange 2 leaks said we might see Wanda in such disturbing attire.

Satannish Vs Wong

But the Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl trailer will also deliver more action scenes. We’ll supposedly see Wong and Rintrah fighting Satannish. This is the first time we’ve heard of Satannish in connection to the sequel.

Separately, Strange is rumored to fight Mordo in the clip. This is the face-off we’ve been anticipating, considering how the first movie ended. But this Mordo might be a variant rather than the Mordo in the MCU’s main reality.

Not The Mordo We Were Expecting

Captain Carter and John Krasinski’s character will appear in the clip if the information is correct. The former makes sense, as the multiverse introduced Captain Carter via What If…?. We’ve been told to expect her in other MCU projects. 

Captain Cameo Moments

The Money Shot With Captain

As for Krasinski, the leaker said that the actor will play a Captain America variant rather than Mister Fantastic. Now the wait is for Feb 13th, when with Super Bowl LVI we’ll see the next Doctor Strange 2 teaser trailer.

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