Doctor Strange 2 New Leak  Without Hugh Jackman

Features Wolverine But

Wolverine Without Wolverine

A new leak claims that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will feature the iconic Marvel character Wolverine, but it won't be played by Hugh Jackman.

Leaks Got Good Weight This Time

The leaks are backed by MCU logic, Fan Theories, Hidden Hints in the trailer, and by manually decoding hard encrypted spoken words and teases from the MCU creators themselves.

The Baldy Professor Made It In!

Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier aka The Professor X is almost confirmed to appear in Doctor Strange 2, after his half sight of bald head from rear point of view and his dialogue: "We Should Tell Him The Truth". He's also been seen shaved headed by paparazzi's so it all makes sense, his cameo is confirmed.

The X-Men Brotherhood

Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman played Professor X and The Wolverine alongside from the beginning of the franchise "X-Men" (2000) to the end "Logan" in 2017. Rumors did say Hugh Jackman will be back in Dr. Strange 2, the actor himself trolled fans by confirming a meeting with Kevin Feige last summer.

Jackman Already Got A Good End

But the leaks saw a shift earlier this year, some well-known insiders said that Jackman won't cameo as Wolverine in the movie, and later an even wilder report said that Daneil Radcliffe will deliver the MCU's first wolverine variant as a varaint of X-Force Wolverine.

Leakers With Good Leak History

This comes from The Illuminerdi’s Joseph Deckelmeier. Tweeting that we will see Wolverine in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, “but it definitely won’t be Hugh Jackman.” The Illuminerdi has been the source of accurate MCU leaks before, so it’s possible that they have access to genuine information about the sequel.

Cruise Cameo Weighed Heavy

The most trending another rumored cameo that holds enough weight to expect it real is about Tom Cruise Iron Man variant as Superior Iron-Man, as we literally saw a glowing figure, resembling his Endo-Sym armor, that glows when he is angry and also spotted the Ultron Bots (Tony's Creation) in the trailer.

All The Possibilities Of  Doctor Strange 2

Tom Cruise Iron Man In