Deadpool Creator Confirms Doctor Strange 2 

Leaks Are Legit

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld hints the leaked information about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film is likely legitimate.

That's What We Were Waiting For

"Here's the deal you all know, I want to know — have either of you been caught trying to sneak into a screening of Doctor Strange 2? ...They are testing the shit out of this movie," Liefeld revealed in a podcast. "The thing is, uh, they're testing, it's all getting out."

Testing Caused Various Leaks

Liefeld further explained "We're all hitting those hashtags and we're like, 'Oh crap! They're showing this. People are seeing this.' I think it's safe to say some of the stuff, you just said that's out there, it's happening. It's in, it's been seen."

"It's Happening, It's Been Seen"

During the same conversation, Liefeld suggested that Disney and Marvel are feeling a lot of pressure for Multiverse of Madness to perform following the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home,

Spider-Man Raised The Bar High

Liefeld  noting, "... I kind of feel like... [the] result of each test that's being reported in the press is 'We need to put more cool shit in that movie ... So you know, they need Doctor Strange to hit multiple home runs. So that's why they're testing the crap out of it."

Bombardment Of Cameos Expected

I love Tom Cruise. If he's in it for 90 seconds, I'll see it three times, OK? You want me to see it six times, you bring some of that [Fox-Marvel] stuff in … And actually, I know on some level, some of it is already there. I have just revoked every — every one of my [Marvel] passes just got revoked."

When Asked About Tom Cruise 

A deleted product description for a movie tie-in shirt teased the arrival of a multiversal Avengers team. Meanwhile, a series of pre-VFX images recently posted on Twitter also suggested that a version of Professor X could also make a cameo in the film.

Professor X Wll Make It In!

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