'World's Most Sensitive Dark   Promising Results

Matter Detector' Delivers First

Dark matter, doesn't 

emit any light. It doesn't transmit any information. In essence, think of dark matter as transparent. 

But despite its evasiveness,

 we know dark matter is out there. It does seem to interact with the matter we know and see with our own eyes

Scientists call whatever 

extra stuff is pushing the universe apart dark energy, and items anchoring galaxies in place are called dark matter.

These mysterious phenomena 

are estimated to make up a whopping 95% of matter in the universe. And LZ is on a mission to find some of it.

The LZ experiment is 

looking for a specific type of theoretical particle called a "weakly interacting massive particle." (WIMP)

The plan is basically 

to see whether it's possible to catch a WIMP in action, as it interacts with a xenon atom to found dark matter

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