Colossal Asteroid Impact   of the Moon

Forever Changed the Balance

An ancient collision

is to blame for all the "holes" on the dark side of the moon.

Scientists have long

suspected that lunar maria formed in the wake of a massive collision around 4.3 billion years ago.

According to a New Study. 

A massive asteroid that slammed into the moon around 4.3 billion years ago wreaked havoc in the moon's mantle

This collision created

the South Pole–Aitken basin, a huge crater with a maximum width of around 1,600 miles and a maximum depth of 5.1 miles

More than 9,000 

visible craters pockmark the moon,  thanks to barrage of impacts from meteors, asteroids and comets over billions of years

These craters are not 

 evenly distributed across the lunar surface. The far side of the moon has a considerably higher concentration of craters than the visible nearside.

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