Chris Evans and Selena Gomez are the rumor of the town. They both are linked to a possible marriage, soon around the corner. But fans are Frizzled over when did they even started dating.

When did Chris Evan and Selena Gomez meet each other?

They met when Cris was in the 20s and Selena still a teen, both had a crush on each other but never went with. Selena then rejected Chris Evans & started dating Justin Beiber.

What are their past relationships?

While Selena Gomez was last seen with The Weekend and Chris Evans was seen with somebody was not told properly but as of now Selena & Chris are going big without wasting any time.

When did it all begin?

They both have told openly they have a crush on each other, both were single after 2019 and not seen with anybody until Chris Evans wore a sweater that Selena wore in a TikTok video.

When did it all begin?

The Whole internet went Crazy and started making theories on how the two are still together & how long have been dating secretly. Everyone wanted them to be a couple for a long time & now it’s finally the time. 

Is the all Hoax or just a Stunt?

No, It is not because many Celebrities since Covid became very good at hiding their relationship private. Chris & Selena might announce their plans when the date is close enough or maybe when everything has happened or maybe when they want to.

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