Larson had made her debut as Captain Marvel in a stand alone movie in the year 2019 and later on she went ahead to play an important role in ‘Avengers- Endgame’

Carol Danvers  is the first female character who got a solo project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was further followed by the release of Black Widow

The official announcement of the sequel to Captain Marvel was made at San Diego Comic- Con in 2019

However,  later on news came that the duo directing the first films, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will be replaced by NiaDaCosta

It was confirmed that the character of Kamala Khan would have an important role in the Captain Marvel sequel

Adding to that, Maria Rambeau would also have a key role who was earlier seen as a child in the first film and then as an adult in Wanda Vision

The Marvel Studios had announced in the month of May that the sequel would be retitled to ‘The Marvels’. In this way,  all the three characters would be sharing the spotlight

The production for the series has been winded up and it is expected that the viewers would see the first footage of the movie very soon. We should also keep in mind that the movie is still almost a year away

Even though the viewers are being pushed to Phase 4, there is still a little known regarding the core character of Carol Danvers

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