Blood Pressure E-Tattoo  Mobile Monitoring

Promises Continuous,

The University of Texas at

Austin and Texas A&M University have developed an electronic tattoo that can be worn comfortably on the wrist for hours

It can deliver continuous

 blood pressure measurements at an accuracy level exceeding nearly all available options on the market today.

The continuous monitoring

 of the e-tattoo allows for blood pressure measurements in all kinds of situations

Smartwatches are not yet ready

 for blood pressure monitoring. That's because the watches slide around on the wrist and might be far from arteries

Graphene is one of

 the strongest and thinnest materials in existence, and it is a key ingredient in the e-tattoo

E-tattoos reside in a sticky, 

stretchy material encasing the sensors that is comfortable to wear for long periods and do not slide around.

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