Black Panther's New Red Panther Armor Is 

His Biggest Upgrade Ever

Black Panther just received a massive power upgrade that turns the hero into the Red Panther with an even stronger armor than ever.

What's Next... Pink Panther?

As Avengers deal with a surprise sneak attack Black Panther turns RED, when come face to face with the Doctor Doom Supreme from across the Multiverse. In the latest issue of the series, the team -- which consists of such members as Kid Thanos and Ghost Goblin wreak absolute havoc.

Kill The Kid Thanos....

T'Challa has a suit with cloaking technology, different offensive attacks such as wrist blasters and metal claws, as well as numerous energy dampening abilities that also saves him from Doctor Doom Supremes' Magic. But There's more to his new Red Panther Suit

Red Panther Is More Aggressive

T'Challa's Red Panther armor upgrade includes: "thrice blessed Vibranium Dambe boxing cords much like Muay Thai Martial Arts," "stone from the Wakandan necropolis - stuffed on top of his knuckles for maximum damage," "armor of metallicized Orisha-blood," and "antimagic defense protocols."

Red Is More Combat Focused Suit

T'Challa's Black Panther Red upgrade seems not too unique and quite familiar some fans compare it to something like Goku's Super Saiyan Power Upgrades. The jump in power is so massive and sudden that it feels surely like something out of the Dragon Ball franchise.

It's Goku In Disguise

Marvel Studios seem to take many of their scenes and stories from Comics, like they took the Nano Tech and made shocking entrance for Iron Man in Infinity Wars. Marvel is clear to not recast T'challa in Chadwick's honor but fans are doing their best to pressurize Marvel to recast someone, or what good is Black Panther movies without T'Challa.

But Isn't This Just A Comic?

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